Why couldn’t I get a good (Windows 7) night’s sleep?

Posted in Windows 7 with tags , , on June 14, 2010 by funketyme

I’ve been very impressed with Sleep Mode in Windows 7.  It shuts down quickly and powers down almost completely.  No fans and no lights – save a little blinking power light to indicate that your machine is in fact sleeping and not off.  Powering back up is almost instant with my monitors taking longer to come back on than my machine.

But I’ve noticed that my machine wakes up occasionally.  In the middle of the night.  Tossing and turning.  I’ll come in to see it all lit up, chugging along.  All this without any keyboard or mouse movement.  Enter the “wake timer” …

Wake Timers

This was my culprit.  In my case, while I didn’t have Windows automatically downloading updates in the middle of the night, I did have it checking to see if any are available.  Because my “wake timer” setting was enabled, every time this timed event was scheduled to happen (3:00am in my case), my machine would wake up.

The wake timer setting is in the advanced power settings area.  Disabling it was all I needed to do to get a good night’s sleep.


Oh snap, my CFBuilder trial just expired!

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about fully functioning trials expiring?  Never fear.  Mr. Adrian Walker did some sleuthing about and has some information which may be of use.

Corporate security fail.

Posted in Douchebags with tags , , , on December 3, 2009 by funketyme

Some time in the past 48 hours, eBay corporate security has added http://nin.com to the list of restricted sites that employees can’t access.  Apparently someone is under the impression that Trent is “malicious” and that accessing his site constitutes a security risk.  The error message is attached.  Keep in mind that I can still access Facebook, Twitter and blog about corporate secrets here on WordPress.


Utlimate awesomeness!

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Stephanie (along with help from sister Sooz) made me the most awesome birthday cake ever for my 34th.


Parking lot fail.

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I’m going to try to remember to post pictures of all of these.  I can’t stand parking douchebags.  This car is actually an official Santa Clara County vehicle.  You can clearly see the vehicle number and license, as well as the incredible parking skill, in the picture.  This was around 3:00pm at the Trader Joe’s parking lot on Coleman in San Jose on 11/25/2009.


Where the hell is word wrap in ColdFusion Builder?

Posted in Code with tags , on November 23, 2009 by funketyme

I’m a big fan of ColdFusion Builder.  However, like most Eclipse-based GUIs, it can difficult to find the settings you’re looking for.  For those of you who are convinced there is no word wrap feature in CF Builder, here’s the information you’re looking for:

Preferences > HTML > Editors > Advanced tab > Enable word wrap